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Professional Tips on Purchasing Your Bridal Wear

His & Hers Wear And Bridal wants to make sure you have the best experience when it comes to picking out that perfect dress. We have worked in the industry for many years and can offer honest and reliable tips, including:

  • Order your wedding gown 6 to 8 months before your wedding
  • Order your bridesmaids dresses 4 to 5 months before your wedding
  • If you don’t have enough time to order your wedding gown, ask your bridal consultant if you can purchase the floor sample – this route can also save you some money
  • When you are shopping for a wedding gown, bring your mom and/or one or two friends whose opinions you value – too many opinions can get confusing and frustrating

The Wedding Gown for Your Body Type

Please take a moment to glance at the chart below for tips on what type of dresses best fit your body shape:

• Top heavy
• Full bust
• Round midsection
Down play roundness and balance the upper and lower part of the body. • Empire waistline
• Ball gown
• Drop waist above hips
• A-line
• Ruching
• Straps, halter & strapless with sweetheart neckline
PEAR SHAPE • Bottom heavy
• Full hips & thighs
• Slender upper body
Balance between upper and lower body. • A-line gown
• Sweetheart or a V neckline
• Ball gown
• Ruching
• Necklace at the collar bone (keeps emphasis on upper body)
INVERTED TRIANGLE SHAPE • Wider shoulder than hips Balance between shoulders and hips. • Sweetheart or a modified sweetheart neckline
• Ruching
• A-line skirt
• Ball gown
• Drop waist
TALL & THIN • Long lean limbs
• Small bust
• Narrow hips
• Narrow waist
Create an illusion of curves. • Sleek sheath with a cinched waist
• Ruffles
• Strapless
• Straps
• Coloured sash with some beading
• Drop waist
PETITE • Shorter stature Create length. • Mermaid with a small train
• Cocktail length
• A-line
• No ball gowns
• Sheath dress
• No drop waist
HOUR GLASS SHAPE • Shoulders and bust are the same width as the hips Show your proportionate shape. • Mermaid dress
• A-line
• Ball gown
• Drop waist
• Anything you desire!
RECTANGULAR SHAPE • No defined waist
• Small bust
• Shoulders and hips have similar widths
• No curves
Create a waistline. • Empire waist
• A-line
• Ruching
• Coloured beaded sash
• Ball gown

Need more advice on your wedding gown or bridesmaids dresses? Then please do not hesitate to contact us.

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